Name: Ing. Zuzana Vondra Krupková, Date of Birth: 22 February 1988

Adress: Þjóðbraut 1, Akranes 300, Iceland

e-mail:   , Mobile phone: +354 864 32 49 or +420 774 315 361



2014/2015              POSTGRADUAL PROGRAM, The Agriculture University of Iceland, Landscape Planning and Architecture

2013/2018              POSTGRADUAL STUDIES, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

2017/2013              MASTER DEGREE, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Garden and landscape architecture



2014/2018              REYKJAVÍKURBORG, Head gardener – City of Reyjavík, Iceland

2010/2013              CZECH UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES PRAGUE, Garden, landscape design and public space consultant

2012/2014              ZAHRADY-KRUPKOVA.CZ, Owner, Czech company – gardening, landscaping and agriculture

2008/2012              GARDEN CENTER, Prague, Head of sale and treatment of plants, Garden landscaping

2006/2008              RILOG, Prague – Průhonice, Treatment of plants, The Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental, Gardening (RILOG)

2005/2006              BOTANICAL GARDEN, Prague Jarov, Maintenance and cultivation of plants in a greenhouse, propagation greenhouse plant species

2004/2005              GREENHOUSE, Průhonice, Propagation and harvest production plants



Computer Skills:  AutoCad, Photoshop, Indesign, SketchUp, Ms Office, Outlook

Drawing skills: pencil drawing, watercolors, 3D Views, landscape and nature, buildings, plants

Landscape skills: analyzes, studies, ideas, projects and realizations

Design skills: public spaces, private gardens, landascape, bouquets, flowers arrangements



2018                Published research article : Non-Forest Woody Vegetation (Scattered Greenery) Case Study of the Samopse Settlement, Czech Republic, Ccsenet, Canada

2018                Published research article: System of non-forest woody vegetation considered in relation to the landscape character (face) and impact on it, UPLanD, Italy

2018                Reasearch of flowering meadow in Iceland, Reykjavíkurborg, Iceland

2018                Article about public spaces in Reykavík, Czech landscape journal

2017                Presetation about my job in Iceland, City Hall, Ieceland

2016                Presentaion about Czech landscape and nature, Reykjavíkurborg, Iceland

2015                Reaserch about non-forest woody vegetation in Czech republic

2014                Workshop, Smíchov, Czech Republic

2012                International worskhop, Úholičky, Czech Republic

2007                Floristic competition, 2nd place, Czech Republic

2006                Floristic competition,  1st place, Czech Republic